• EG is for ALL gamers looking to take their competitive gaming to the next level...
  • Join up, create or find a team and spread the word!
  • Our new site is now online with full tournament creation and team match challenge ability
  • EG have local businesses looking to sponsor local eSports teams!

EG has been a long time in the planning stages and is now online as a BETA site.

Keep in mind we are currently a small team of gamers and web guys, and as such are looking to the community for VOLUNTEERS who would like to get involved,  and join us while we learn and gain more experience in the industry.

We are looking for EG Members who wish to contribute as:

  • GAME REVIEW WRITERS (old games and new!)
  • INDUSTRY NEWS CONTRIBUTORS (hardware and happenings)
  • eSPORTS NEWS WRITERS (what’s going on in the wider scene)
  • TOURNAMENT ORGANISERS (help with organising tournaments online)
  • TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS (be there to make sure things run smooth)
  • FORUM ADMINISTRATORS (keeping the forums civil and moderating)
  • SHOUTCASTERS FOR TOURNAMENTS (live shoutcasters for final rounds)
  • SHOUTCASTERS FOR GAME RECAPS (commentary for recaps / replays)

If you would like to contribute in any of the above roles please create your member account and contact support@elitegaming.com.au