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author image by Necron99 | 0 Comments | 19/01/2018
  • It's a model kit
  • It's cardboard
  • You can color it
  • It's crazy expensive
  • It's for kids only

$70 for some coloured cardboard, rubberbands and string?  That’s how much the LABO “5 piece variety pack” costs…

WOW!  That’s as much as 1 AAA title or 2-5 decent Games on Steam…  Or a really cool LEGO set with infinite replayability which couldn’t get destroyed by water. Is “building it” supposed to be the fun part? Are the games actually any fun? What happens if someone stuffs up the construction or rips a piece? I’m sure if someone wanted a LABO 1 octave piano they would pay $20 for a quality plastic one that would last and be guaranteed to work.

I do admit, it’s a cool idea, and looks pretty cool too, though is this just hype and a fad? It seems to me more of a “cheap to produce” gimick to sell more switches while making a huge profit selling neat looking cardboard contraptions along with dubiously fun games.

Will it be a hit and carry on past launch hype? We all remember the “accessories” for the Wiimotes. Is this just an extention of this but in disposable cardboard? Time will tell. How long will it be before that $70 cardboard model set is on fire sale… how long before a completed model is crushed by an angry sibling… or literally set on fire as kindling come winter?

LABO cardboard fun starts in April 2018. Personally I’d rather go out and buy Lego, or a really awesome model air plane kit, or a real fishing rod, or a proper remote control car, or literally a thousand other alternative cool fun things for my $70. But I’m not a 8 year old kid… and I don’t own a Switch.

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