Help end the online harrassment of Women Gamers…

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author image by Necron99 | 0 Comments | 17/07/2017

Abuse and harrassment of women online is increasing… [2016 study in Australia]  For women gamers, toxicity and abuse is simply ruining the fun of playing online alltogether… so who’s fault is that?

It’s ours…  the other players who don’t speak up against toxic or in-appropriate behaviour online. By not speaking up against abusive gamers, we are allowing our online culture to accept abusive and toxic people – which in turn encourages abuse and toxic behaviour in our younger players as they see that it is accepted and “ok to be a jerk” online. It also doesn’t take long for the bullied to become the bully…

Speaking up or reporting an idiot player player is not “weak”. Be the strong one for standing up and speaking out – it’s no longer cool to be toxic in game.

If you’re gaming online, especially in online competitive ranked games – take a stand against idiots ruining the game for others.  Let abusive players know their kind are not welcome in your game.

If the abuse is serious enough, report them… saying things like “go kill yourself”, “you’re cancer”,  “you’re autistic” etc etc is not acceptable and should not be tolerated by the community.  Gender based abuse is far more disgusting and should  never be tolerated.

Game companies need to take online abuse and in-appropriate behaviour more seriously – especially verbal / chat abuse against women.

An extreme example of this toxicity and abuse towards women can be heard in the video below. Posted comments from other female gamers include “men are the reason i’m scared to play games [online] or go into voice chat.  I have experienced guys like this in overwatch and countless other games and [the] misogyny is infuriating.”

These girls handle it well though – to the point of being entertaining – though this would be far from the norm:

This post inspired by Cecilia D’Anastasio’s article on Kotaku here



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