• EG is for ALL gamers looking to take their competitive gaming to the next level...
  • Join up, create or find a team and spread the word!
  • Our new site is now online with full tournament creation and team match challenge ability
  • EG have local businesses looking to sponsor local eSports teams!


The EGAU team is made up of life-long gamers and a couple of seasoned web developers. Our goal is to build a web site and eSports scene where every gamer can build their online gamer profile, create and join local teams, and compete in a growing number of weekend, monthly or seasonal game tournaments easily.

EGAU is a place where local teams can get basic tournament and league experience and take their gaming to the next level.

Our site also supports member created Tournaments in League, Ladder, Knockout, and Round-Robin with Knockout formats.

EG Australia is a place were business of all kinds can learn and get involved in eSports sponsorship.  Our support team are here to help educate sponsors, explain the benefits of eSports sponsorship, answer any questions and help local businesses in building and recruiting their own teams.

EGAU are here help expand and promote the local Australian eSports scene for the benefit of gamers and sponsors alike.

We are here to help everyone to learn, develop and take part in the growing local Australian Esports scene.

Overall, EGAU is a place where Players and Teams can connect, attract sponsors and compete in local leagues and tournaments to gain experience in a friendly, supportive environment.

We are 100% committed to building a fun and challenging online Esports community here in Australia.  Game on and have fun!