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author image by Necron99 | Articles | 0 Comments | 19/01/2018

$70 for some coloured cardboard, rubberbands and string?  That’s how much the LABO “5 piece variety pack” costs… WOW!  That’s as much as 1 AAA title or 2-5 decent Games on Steam…  Or a really cool LEGO set with infinite…

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Loot Boxes & Addiction

author image by EG Support | Articles News | 0 Comments | 03/12/2017

There have been a lot of recent news about US and Australian state governments looking into ‘loot boxes’ and whether or not it constitutes gambling. So far the most in-depth article I’ve found is this on on  It looks…

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Help end the online harrassment of Women Gamers…

author image by Necron99 | Articles | 0 Comments | 17/07/2017

Abuse and harrassment of women online is increasing… [2016 study in Australia]  For women gamers, toxicity and abuse is simply ruining the fun of playing online alltogether… so who’s fault is that? It’s ours…  the other players who don’t speak…

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